Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Bio of Quakerperson

I've started this blog because I'm a Quaker with a modest background in philosophical ideas, as well as long experience of the British Civil Service (from which I am retired) and interested how philosophical ideas relate to Quakerism.  I would like to share my thoughts with those with similar interests and invite a discourse, hopefully a polite and mutually beneficial one.

The title of my blog, Quakerperson, is an ironically satirical dig at politically correct language as in 'chairperson' for 'chairman'.  Quakerperson is a gender-neutral reference to me, a male, born 1951, who has been a member of the Society of Friends, Britain Yearly Meeting, since 2009. I sincerely hope my humorous title doesn't give offence to women, because I'm finding that a lot of Quaker history and discourse is surprisingly blind to the feminism which is, my reading is teaching me, at the centre of Quakerism.  Of this, more anon.

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